Tour around the bays

Boat trip through the bays near the city, Playa Grande, Santa Marta Bay, Playa Blanca, Inca Inca and El Rodadero. Duration 4 hours. It includes a quota for the Jaba Nibue boat and 1 national beer per person. Price: $ 78,000 COP p / p.

Bahia Concha Tour

Boat trip to Bahía Concha, leaving the hotel, garnet, Punta Aguja to Bahía Concha. Includes 1 bottle of water Duration: 6 hours, Price: $ 90,000 COP p / p.

Sunset Tour

Boat trip through the bays leaving at 03:00 in the afternoon from the hotel to El Rodadero to appreciate the wonderful sunset of the city. Includes two national beers per person. Price: $ 78,000 COP p / p.

Playa Cristal Tour

Walk to Playa Cristal, one of the most beautiful beaches of Tayrona Park. Includes entrance to the Concha Bay. Price: $ 135,000 p / p

For the comfort of our guests, the Hotel has its own boat

Minimum quota for each tour: 14 people. – Exclusive day of use of the boat: $ 2.500.000 COP



This technique of aesthetic neuropathy comforts the body and the mind, acts on the whole nervous system contributing to improve anxiety thanks to the properties of chocolate such as polyphenols and tannins. In the physical and aesthetic part, it hydrates, nourishes and tones the skin, providing proteins, amino acids and trace elements that have antioxidant properties and help to stimulate circulation. Duration: 90 minutes. Wreck: COP $ 180,000- UDS 48

Bamboo Therapy

It is an alternative therapy of relaxation, which deeply stimulates the skin, muscles and nervous system, applied with different carefully selected bamboo canes, stimulates the energy balance while maintaining harmony. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: COP $ 120,000 – USD 48.


A warm massage, the emotional effects produced by the stimulation of the senses and the touch of the oils make this massage a unique experience. The candles are suitable for all skin types and you can choose your favorite fragrance: red fruits, passion fruit, coconut, chocolate, bamboo or coffee. Duration: 60 minutes. Duration: 180 minutes Price: COP $ 180,000 – USD 48.

Relaxing massage with essential oils

It is incredible to harmonize the nervous system by gentle manipulations that induce relaxation and rest both physical and mental. Duration: 30 minutes. Price: COP $ 60,000 – USD 24. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: COP $ 120,000 – USD

Relieving massage

Massage in which using the hands and essential oils soothe aching muscles, relieving contractures and eliminating all muscle tension. Duration: 30 minutes. Price: COP $ 60,000 USD 24. Duration: 60 minutes. Duration: 90 minutes Price: COP $ 180,000 USD 48.


Massage with volcanic stones It consists of taking advantage of the elements of the marine environment such as mud, sand, algae and phytoplankton for a relaxing and healing massage that stimulates the senses, relieving tensions and providing complete rest. Duration: 90 minutes. Price: COP $ 150,000 UDS 60.

Volcanic Stone Massage

Massage with hot and cold volcanic stones, in a static way in the concrete points, added to a special massage, that stimulate the circulation and tone the organism. The stones also help open the energy channels by inducing relaxation and significantly reducing stress. Duration: 80 minutes. Price: COP $ 150,000 USD 60.

Reflexology foot massage

millennial massage designed to balance the energies of the body, thanks to the healing and stabilizing process provided by the acupressure applied to the different energy points of the foot. Duration: 40 minutes. Price: COP $ 60.0000 USD 25.

Moon Bath

It includes body exfoliation, relaxing massage, chocolate therapy, volcanic stones, facial cleansing, body hydration, facial peeling. Duration: 3 hours. Price: COP $ 300,000 USD 100.


It includes body exfoliation, relaxing massage, fruit therapy, volcanic stone, facial cleansing, body hydration and peeling. Price: COP $ 300,000 USD 100


Kayak Service

Kayak tour of the bay for 45 minutes. Price per Kayak $ 30,000 COP

Snorkel Tour

Includes Kayak, professional snorkeling equipment, underwater photography and video with gopro cameras. Personalized guide Duration: One hour plus 45 minutes. Price: $ 80,000 per person

Paddle Surf Service

Includes life jacket, basic induction and equipment. Service for 30 minutes. Price: $ 35,000 COP per person.

Drone Recording

Drone recording during the performance of your nautical activity. Price: $ 150,000